Knee Injuries – How to Reduce the Knee Injury Rates for your team

Knee and ACL Injuries – Having being reading through some journal articles this week, which is a great way of keeping up to date with the latest research, I came across a study on Knee and ACL Injuries. Once again we have more evidence showing that undertaking a Dynamic Neuromuscular Warm Up such as the FIFA 11+ reduces Knee and ACL injury rates.

A trial was carried out across 65 male college soccer teams in the USA over 1 season. 27 of the teams warmed up with the FIFA 11+ routine, while the other 34 teams did not.

For the teams who used the FIFA 11+ routine before matches and trainings, they reported much lower Knee and ACL injuries.

They had 3 ACL tears, compared to 16 in the other group, with only 34 Knee injuries in total, compared to 102 in the other group.

The bottom line here for all coaches and therapists is that Knee and ACL injury rates can be reduced by undertaking Dynamic Neuromuscular Warm Up Routines. All that is needed is a bit more education on these issues and investing some time to go through these aspects of a warm up.

Here is a link to the Journal Article
Does the FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Program Reduce the Incidence of ACL Injury in Male Soccer Players