Reimbursement Physical Therapy



Physical Therapy Reimbursement


You may be entitled to Reimbursement of your treatment costs. You can claim money back through either a Tax Return through a Revenue submission, or by submitting your receipts to your Health Insurance Provider, or certain insurance schemes.

Option 1 - Health Insurance Provider

The following companies provide cover for Physical Therapy

VHI -                      http://www.VHI.ie

Laya Healthcare  - http://www.LayaHealthcare.ie

GloHealth -            http://www.GloHealth.ie

Vivas Health -        http://www.VivasHealth.ie

Aviva Health -        http://www.AvivaHealth.ie


Option 2 - Revenue Tax Return

You can claim back some of costs by filling out the Med 1 Form and submitting it to Revenue

Med 1 Form -       http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/it/claim-forms.html


Option 3 - Other Health Insurance Schemes

The following schemes also cover Physical Therapy costs

ESB Medical Provident Fund, Garda Medical Aid and the Hospital Saturday Fund


In order to find out exactly what you are entitled to, please check with your insurance provider first.







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